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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Democrats’ Lot: Iraq and a Hard Place

Even though the Democrat party pretends to be mildly leftist, it isn’t. It isn’t as far to the right as the Republican party, but it’s still too right-wing for a reasonable person. Still, they can sometimes help. This is the case with the war in Iraq.

Democrats know that in order to position themselves as an alternative to the Bushes and McCains and Grahams who want to “win” against the jihadists and secure an oppressive regime of democracy, they need to be the party of exit strategies. So it is their political lot right now to have to call for a withdrawal of troops.

The spin of it is that it’s up to Iraqis to step up and take full control, because the Iraqi government will be better able to defend itself from the chaos without 150,000 American troops getting in the way. But behind this façade is the truth: They want to leave Iraq to its rightful heirs — those who understand what would be lost if Iraq were to permanently fall victim to a modern representative government.

It’s about time. As I’ve written before, the best way to get back at the Bush Administration is to force him to bring the troops home. As we watch the horrors unfold, we can all turn to Bush and blame him. It will make everyone hate him more than they already do, and that’s the goal, no matter who has to die.

We need to support the Dems as much as we can. We need to help them win the presidency in ‘08. Then and only then can we be 100% sure that the alliance of America and traitor Iraqis will lose the war.

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How Low Can He Go?: 21,500 More Reasons To Hate Bush

As I’ve written before, the only stance more immoral than Bush’s “stay the course” strategy of not letting Iraq’s fledgling democracy crumble was McCain’s desire for more troops in Iraq. McCain is the very definition of a fascist, which is why he fought in Vietnam, why he never said a word to sell out America while under torture, and why he’s such a media darling in the U.S.: The media is as anti-Left as Hollywood.

So under pressure to make some kind of change in Iraq, Bush decides to send in more troops. He has ignored the people, most Democrats, and even some Republicans. He has descended one huge rung on the ladder of morality. More troops in Iraq means more dead freedom fighters and a greater likelihood that Iraqis will remain enslaved by the ideals of Western democracy. If these extra troops manage to secure Baghdad and Anbar, it might seem as though America is winning this war. Worse, it might actually be that America is winning this war.

Let’s just hope that 20,000 troops isn’t enough to snuff out the freedom fighters who are sacrificing themselves every day to ensure they do not become repressed by human rights and democracy.

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