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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The L-Word: Not Just Hot Lesbian Sex OR The L-Word: It Ain't "Liberal"!

I always thought the show was a gleaming bastion of liberal thought. But lately I’ve realized that the writers are subliminally trying to pass on fascist and immoral messages to their audience. In short, I think the L-Word is a pro-war vehicle in disguise. It’s written by fascists who want to make homosexuals and pacifists look like cretins.

In recent episodes, a new lesbian has been introduced to the cast. She’s a soldier who has fought in Iraq. All the lesbians in the show rightly point out that the “liberation” was immoral. The lesbian Iraq veteran counters desperately with the screamingly lame proclamation that “There are some really good people in the armed forces!” Then there was hot lesbian sex.

At first, I tried to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re just a little dim. But you tell me: Would writers brilliant enough to center a show on hot lesbian sex be dim enough to portray a soldier as having nothing to say about the war than that one line?

No. They would suck it up and have the soldier make all the ridiculous arguments that people who support the war make: that it’s “just” to overthrow a “murderous tyrant”; that “human rights” and “freedoms” of women, religion, and the press are worth fighting for; that homosexuals shouldn’t be “murdered”. The writers would suck it up and create characters capable of refuting these arguments by proving we’re no better than the people who deliberately target civilians with suicide bombs, beheadings, and power tools.

In another episode, a lesbian refers to the war in Iraq as “morally bankrupt”, and another character (the one having hot lesbian sex with the soldier) agrees without hesitating. Then there was hot lesbian sex.

Again, it’s tempting to simply assume the writers are dim. After all, they’re writing a show about (and to a large extent for) homosexuals, yet the writers portray the very things homosexuals want — respect, the safety to live their lives without fear, equal rights under the law — as immoral to fight for in Iraq.

The only explanation is that the L-Word writers are fascists disguised as morally impotent liberals. They’re secretly part of the corporate system and they’re trying to pawn their pro-Bush views on us in ways that we’re not supposed to notice.

That’s why the soldier couldn’t come up with anything better as a rebuttal. She’s meant to seem impossibly stupid. That’s why the lesbians are portrayed as too shallow to think of the conflict as anything other than “morally bankrupt”. They’re meant to seem like hopeless knee-jerk ideologues. They’re meant to seem too selfish to believe that the rights they want — nay, expect — are rights that gays in foreign countries deserve as well.

If the writers were genuine anti-war thinkers, they would be more responsible. Instead of creating laughably stupid characters, they would have created characters intelligent enough to warrant inspirational counter-arguments. These morally responsible characters would then educate us all on why it’s wrong to fight for freedom against torture, why it’s wrong to fight against rape and murder, and most importantly why it’s wrong to fight for gay rights.

Until the writers are replaced, all you have is a morally embarrassing show centered on hot lesbian sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if y’know what I’m sayin’…!

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